Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mr. Billy Connolly - has he ever forgiven me!

Main Street Bangor is the type of kick off your shoes and walk in your bare feet Street. Sloping towards the beckoning sea Mermaids who at times need to get their toes wet find this boulevard irresistibly enticing with its trendy shops and closeness to their firmament. Its downward runway opening onto Quay Street and with the harbour just beyond, its not too far for a girl with seaweed in her hair to wander with a purpose or porpoise.

Back then there weren't as many shops as we cruised down Main Street, then it was mostly lazy housing leaning towards the late Spring laconic sea.

The green for go traffic lights at the bottom of the hill beckoned us on as a figure manifested himself between two parked cars.

Now if it had of been a normal "Joe Soap" his sudden appearance would have been met with a heavy foot stomped on the brake pedal and a combined glare from me and the bro as "Joe" would have feinted apologies and crossed safely in front of us to the far pavement.
 But "Jesus! That's Billy Connolly!" rang out from nowhere but I think it was me. Brake pedal forgotten it was all I could do to steer clear of the now paralysed figure. The whites of his eyes met mine and there was no mistaking the long grey hair held against the light wind by a hat more favoured in Tucson Arizona. 

The next nano seconds were taken up by me staring at this aghast man as we glided past with our vans wheels crushing his shadow. There was no sound of collision so I continued on to meet the welcoming green traffic light to immediately merge with a stationary queue of traffic on Quay Street.

 "Naw, that's not him." replied the bro, settling back to read the Andy Capp cartoon in his Daily Mirror.

All my attention was through the side window watching this saved by the angels figure complete his crossing and walk in our direction down Main Street. Dressed in a long black leather trench coat he met the street corner and was beckoned by his companion to look at some article that had caught interest in McCullough's Shop window.

"That's Billy Connolly!" The bro took another glance, "Nope yer wrong,  lets get out of this traffic."

Still transfixed I missed the moving traffic as the non Billy Connolly abruptly turned and looked straight at us.

Car horns sounded to make us move as the bro looked again and said "You know you might be right I think that is Billy Connolly"

Our new "GO FASTER" stripe in the dust on the side of the van aided the journey home.          

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