Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recent Job: Repair to leaking Shower Tray and Enclosure.

As seen from the accompanying photos, our customer had a bit of a problem. 

His tenants were seeing drips of water appearing on the living room ceiling everytime the shower was used.

Solution:- Remove shower enclosure doors and bottom rows of tiles to enable tray to be removed.

Further rows of wall tiles and part of the plasterboard wall had to be taken off to find a sound area of wall to restart from. 

The damaged wall had new marine plywood sections inserted to allow the  shower tray to be reinstated and properly sealed using undertile PVC trims bedded in silicone.  


The walls were retiled and grouted and the doors cleaned, refitted and sealed.

And voila no more drips!

Happy Tenants!
Happy Landlord!
Happy Plumbers!

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