Monday, 25 February 2013

Let's Get Technical - Oil Burner Nozzles

The most important factor contributing to the continued efficient running of your Oil Boiler is a small component inside the Oil Burner - 


Best MONEY WISE results are obtained by having your Oil Boiler & Burner serviced and the OIL NOZZLE replaced once a year.
Not only will this help your Bank Account but it will also profit the Environment if your Oil is being properly atomised by a perfectly functioning Nozzle.

Let's get to the heart of how a nozzle operates. 
Your Heating Oil under pressure via the Oil Pump flows through the Oil Nozzle Filter before entering the Swirl Chamber where it is caused to rotate before leaving via the myriad of nozzle orifices as atomised droplets of oil. The object of this is to allow the droplets to interact perfectly with the air to suit the shape and construction of the boiler combustion chamber.

The capacity, angle and pattern of this oil spray is dictated by the type of Nozzle fitted. Perfect interaction between the combustion air and atomised oil results in perfect combustion.

This Photo shows the dimensions of an Oil Nozzle orifice compared to a Human hair.

The life span of an Oil Nozzle can be considerably shortened depending on how clean the oil is that is being delivered to the Nozzle, a dirty tank, oil filter or oil pump filter are the major culprits.

Also deleterious to perfect combustion are mis-positioned electrodes, wrong Nozzle fitted, faulty air and or faulty oil pressure settings.

Inadequate combustion results in a build up of carbon on the nozzle and electrodes leading to deteriorating operation, soot formation on the boiler baffle plates, accelerating decrease in efficiency over operating time, and ultimate failure of your Oil Burner.

Upshot of all of the above:- Have your Oil Boiler and Burner serviced ANNUALLY.