Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bristan Shower Valve Repair - Not needed in Finland.

After many years of trouble free use this particular Bristan shower valve was exhibiting two faults.

A) Intermittently drifting in temperature from hot to cold. If the tenants had been Finnish they might have thought of this as advantageous!

B) In use water leaked from its innards and down the face of the tiles. The worry for our Customer  being, was any water from this source penetrating behind the tiles and causing unseen damage to the plasterboard wall etc.

 Our first concern was to identify what shower model it was and this was achieved with the helpful advice of our Bristan contact.

A new Seals Kit and Cartridge from the Bristan Java Range was ordered and these duly arrived with our client.

 We arranged with our Customer to collect the new parts from her office workplace and traveled to the job address to complete the repair that same day.

 The Original Installer had fitted the valve slightly too far into the wall which gave us a bit of grief but the final result was perfect.

 Valve no longer leaking and temperature rock steady to suit us mere Ulster people. 

Note to self: Contact Bristan with an idea how to sell their showers in Finland.

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