An Oil Boiler Service - Lisburn

Replacement of an old Asbestos Soil Stack in Belfast with a new PVC type
I love heights - should have been an Astronaut : )

A Salamander RHP75 fitted in a job near Comber

And as you can see, Our outside water taps (Bibtaps) are not made of humble Brass
Pure Gold its Gold!
: )

 Purdysburn Road Oil Boiler Service Belfast
The internal baffle plates on this oil boiler show the amount of debris that can build up without regular servicing.
This results not only in oil being wasted but damages the boiler internal surfaces and can be a cause of an unsafe appliance.

Upton Area Lisburn Road Belfast
New Bathroom Suite
Never mind the gorgeous bathroom transformation here, its my photographic skills I admire. Just look at the way I captured the light streaming through the window to dance and reflect off the chrome Towel Rail radiator. (Memo to self:


Unvented Cylinder Installation Belfast
Here we made intelligent use of the understairs space to install an unvented cylinder. This allowed the old hot water cylinder in the bathroom hotpress to be removed and the bathroom to be extended to incorporate a shower area.
Other advantages were oodles of hot water at a safe temperature setting and at mains water pressure and just as importantly the hot water staying hotter for longer due to the better quality of the cylinder design and its insulation. (

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