Firstly can I say that we are reluctant to charge by the hour
 as we feel that loitering is a crime!

So hopefully the following price list will we reckon show that ok, we are possibly not the cheapest as we can't do "Bob a Job" but based on our finished job quality, we are definitely one of the most competitive out there - and you get 2 plumbers with over 40 years combined experience (yikes thats scary!) to get you and yours back to normality.


(sorry but it would take us forever to put everything possible on this list so we can only submit this as a sample - and we are more than happy to fit an item you have purchased from new taps to a complete bathroom suite)

Heating Faults:

Supply & Fit new oil pump to oil burner (any make other than a Reillo) £140.00 - (Reillo) £165.00

Supply & Fit new motor to oil burner £155.00

Supply & Fit new control box to oil burner £125.00 - New type Reillo £140.00

Supply & Fit new photocell to oil burner £55.00

Supply & Fit new electrodes to oil burner £65.00

Oil boiler and Burner service £55.00

Ran out of oil - bleeding air from oil line £35.00

Supply & Fit new heating circulation pump New Energy Saving Modulating Type £195.00

Repair to leak at radiator or heating pipe (simple) £35.00 or were we have to drain heating system £95.00 (its easy to drain but harder to fill and clear airlocks)

No heat radiator flushing same £35.00

Supply & Fit new valve to radiator (wheel head type) £45.00 thermostatic type £55.00

 Supply & addition of inhibitor or leak sealer to heating system £65.00 (we recommend SENTINEL)

Power flushing complete heating system, balancing system and performing heat test £295.00 (up to 8 radiators)

Supply & Fit new motorised valve £110.00

Supply & Fit new Time Clock / Programmer (analogue single channel) £95.00

Supply & Fit new Time Clock / Programmer (digital dual channel) £125.00

Repair to Heating Expansion Tank overflow running or no water in tank £55.00

Plumbing Faults

Plumb in washing maching or dishwasher existing setup £40.00 renew pipework and valves to suit £75.00

Faulty flush - supply and fit new syphon (flush down type) £65.00 (close coupled type) £95.00

Repair leak at cistern or wc £40.00

Overflow running from cistern or storage tank, supply & fit new ballvalve or repair £55.00

Fit new taps supplied by you at sink unit, wash hand basin £45.00 or bath £65.00

Repair burst pipe £45.00

Fit new electric shower same model as existing supplied by you £85.00 different model £115.00

Supply and fit new Heatstore Aqua Profile Plus Electric shower 8.5kw £230.00  - we have fitted loads of these as we find they can withstand abuse eg multi occupancy accomodation and deliver a good volume of hot water as compared with other makes in the same price range.

Supply and fit new outside tap and plumbing to same £55.00

We could go on for ever! But hopefully this has given you a taste and you will want more so just see our "contact us" page.

Should you need a combination of several of the above the total price will be much less than just adding these items together.

Or probably your job isn't mentioned then in all honesty the simplest thing to do would be to contact us for a free no obligations quotation.

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