Saturday, 28 November 2009

IEDs (Improvised Eccentric Devices) and their ilk!

Where's Osama Bin? Helmand not likely, Belfast possibly; going by the IEDs (Improvised Eccentric devices) we have come across. Shell shocked sometimes with OMG moments and at times OMGG gasps, your mind takes a mental step backwards even though bodily rooted to the spot. Assessment and a route to correct the IED is thought out and talked through. Next step is usually the most difficult - telling the customer. He only called you to get that dripping tap fixed not to be told that his cherished abode is in danger unless x y and the rest of the alphabet are purchased and installed to correct said IED.

So self preservation sets in. You repair the faulty tap get paid for a good job well done and then with apologies and sympathy you explain and show the IED. Initial reactions are forever the same, open mouth, blank stare and furrowed brow. Remedies are explained. costs given and ill received. You ask has Osama Bin been back since and the reply is invariably negative with related tales of mobile phones switched off, can't get him anywhere, he gave a years guarantee!

Your business card is offered and accepted but a dismal atmosphere pervades. Instead of leaving with thanks a profusion of best wishes and "will tell all my relatives to use you" ringing in your ears you feel like the last visitor departing a wake.

Its called DOC or specifically Duty Of Care we try to live by it.

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