Monday, 28 April 2014

James Bond would have no fear of this Salamander!

Yet another shower tray repair. 


Its evident from the photos that once a Shower Tray seal integrity is compromised, leaking water from the Shower causes ever accelerating damage to the surrounding tiling, walls and studding. 

Our Client had recently bought the property and was unaware of how bad the problem was.


  And another headache the Triton Shower Valve water pressure was poor  as it was gravity fed. 

  So our procedure was to remove the Shower Doors and Tray to allow the damage in its entirety to be assessed.

All affected wall and support components were 
removed and a new support base installed to accomodate the reinstalled raised shower tray.

 A review of the existing domestic plumbing services led us to specify the installation of a Salamander Shower Pump Right Hand Twin 75 model. This new unit had to be plumbed with its own dedicated hot and cold services directly from the cold water storage tank in the loft and the hot water cylinder sited adjacent to the utility room.

 The tray was reinstalled using proper PVC undertile trims bedded in silicone and retiled/grouted.

Our step up into the shower was reformed and quarry tiled.

Another successful mission!

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