Sunday, 17 January 2010

Toil is Noble

Seen a lot of (after the snow disappeared - and it gets a wee bit warmer) New Year Resolutions being fulfiled today by girls and boys jogging - toil is noble!

As in if you asked your employee;
"Here big lad need you to move that pile of boxes, if you need a hand give us a shout."
And off you trounce to another job.
Meanwhile back at the ranch it turns out to be an all day job for your employee to move those boxes.
"Boss thats them moved had to stay a wee bit late to do it but its sorted no sweat!"

"Thanks for that - any plans tonight?"
"Not really just meeting the mates at the gym to lift a few weights - see ya in the morning."
And you pay him to lift weights and he pays the Gym to lift weights!

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